Top 10 Reasons the Wilderness Retreat Will be the Best Thing Ever


So you’re thinking about signing up for Living to LAST’s upcoming Wilderness Retreat, but no one’s talked you into it quite yet. Well get ready… because it’s about to happen RIGHT NOW.

Here are the top 10 reasons you need to register. Like today. Now, if convenient.

1. You get to spend a day away from the hustle and bustle of Portland life. You know, because it’s so huge and populated and stuff.

2. Fire. You get to make it. Need I say more?

3. You’ll never be lost in the wilderness. EVER. Heard that story about a hiker who got lost and suffered hypothermia and DIED? That won’t be you.

4. It’s Maine in the spring… and you get a front row seat. You’ll probably even get to melt some snow with the AWESOME FIRE WE’RE MAKING (Did I mention we’re making fire?)

5. You’ll come a little closer to finding out what it means to be a real man. And how cool is that?

6. You’ll feel like Lewis and Clark (Minus Sacagawea… because it will only be men), and you’ll know how to read a map and everything!

7. You’ll be eating a meal you cooked OVER A FIRE (THAT YOU MADE). Seriously, are you picking up on the whole fire thing?

8. You’ll feel like Bear Grylls (ok, so we can’t guarantee this per say, but I mean, it seems like pretty much a given to me)

9. You’ll get to meet some awesome other men who are learning how to be manly, JUST LIKE YOU!

10. It’s only TEN DOLLARS. I mean really, would you rather buy a meal at McDonalds and a drink at Dunks, or learn how to BUILD A FIRE FEELING LIKE BEAR GRYLLS WHILE NAVIGATING YOUR WAY THROUGH SCENIC MAINE FASTER THAN LEWIS AND CLARK CAN SAY SACAGAWEA?

The answer is obvious. You should sign up for the Wilderness Retreat. I’ll be right here.



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