Hot Off the Press! Wilderness Workshop announced for April 25

We here at Living to LAST are excited to announce that registration has opened for the upcoming Wilderness Workshop on April 25. Register now for the chance to learn and practice some of the essential skills for enjoying and surviving the outdoors.

This event will primarily focus on land navigation and fire making. In between and during these sessions we will spend time talking about the characteristics of what makes men, men.

Lunch will be provided and will be cooked over an open flame! So if you aren’t sure how to build a fire without matches and paper, or are a bit rusty on your land navigation abilities, come out and join us as we learn to be stronger men together. We’ll send out a reminder email with further information on parking, wavier forms, and suggested clothing after you register. For more information about Living To L.A.S.T. follow us on Facebook or check out our website.

And just to get you excited, here’s a taste of what you might (or might not) experience if you join us for this exciting workshop:


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